Facebook Marketplace – How to Get Paid for Selling With Shipping on Facebook Marketplace

Selling items on Facebook Marketplace has become a popular way to declutter, make some extra cash, and even run a small business. While local transactions are common, selling with shipping opens up opportunities to reach a broader audience. 

In this blogpost, we’ll walk you through the process of getting paid for selling with shipping on Facebook Marketplace, ensuring a smooth and secure experience for both sellers and buyers.

How to Get Paid for Selling With Shipping on Facebook Marketplace

1. Create a Detailed Listing

Before you dive into shipping options, create a compelling listing. Use high-quality photos, provide a detailed description, and set a fair price. Transparency is key – mention any wear and tear, the condition of the item, and any additional costs associated with shipping.

2. Choose the Right Shipping Option

Facebook Marketplace offers various shipping options, including shipping through the platform or arranging your shipping independently. If you choose to ship through the platform, carefully weigh the shipping costs and select a reputable courier service. If you opt for independent shipping, discuss this with the buyer, and provide them with tracking information.

3. Accurate Shipping Costs

One common pitfall is underestimating shipping costs. Research shipping rates based on the item’s weight, dimensions, and destination. Including accurate shipping costs in your listing ensures that buyers won’t be surprised, leading to smoother transactions.

4. Enable Shipping in Your Settings

Ensure that shipping is enabled in your Facebook Marketplace settings. This step is essential for buyers to see your listings with shipping options. Navigate to your account settings and enable shipping to make your items visible to a wider audience.

5. Secure Payment Methods

Facebook Marketplace offers various payment methods, including Facebook Pay. Ensure that your payment settings are configured correctly. Encourage buyers to use secure payment methods to protect both parties involved in the transaction.

6. Communicate Clearly with Buyers

Effective communication is vital when selling with shipping. Respond promptly to inquiries, clarify any doubts, and keep buyers informed about the shipping process. Providing a tracking number and estimated delivery date builds trust with the buyer.

7. Pack Items Securely

To prevent damage during transit, pack your items securely. Use appropriate packaging materials and cushion fragile items. Clear labeling and proper sealing ensure that the package arrives in the condition expected by the buyer.

8. Utilize Facebook Shipping Labels

If you choose to ship through Facebook, take advantage of their shipping labels. This service allows you to purchase and print shipping labels directly from the platform. It provides a streamlined process and ensures that you can track the package’s journey.

9. Set Clear Shipping Policies

Clearly outline your shipping policies in your listing. Include information about shipping times, expected delivery dates, and any potential delays. This transparency helps manage buyer expectations and reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings.

10. Monitor and Resolve Issues

Keep an eye on the shipping process. If issues arise, such as delays or damaged items, address them promptly and work towards a resolution. Providing excellent customer service contributes to positive reviews and encourages repeat business.


In conclusion, selling with shipping on Facebook Marketplace can be a lucrative venture when done right. By creating detailed listings, accurately calculating shipping costs, enabling shipping settings, and maintaining clear communication, you can provide a positive experience for both you and your buyers. 

Utilize the available tools, such as Facebook Shipping Labels, and continuously monitor and improve your shipping processes. With these steps, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the art of getting paid for selling with shipping on Facebook Marketplace. Happy selling!

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