How To Add The Facebook Dating App To Your FB Account If You Don’t Have ✅

So, you’ve heard whispers of Facebook’s dating app, the digital cupid promising potential matches within your social circle. But alas, the app seems elusive on your account. Fret not, fellow digital romantic, as we embark on a journey to demystify the process of adding the Facebook Dating app to your account. Join me as we navigate the intricacies, debunk the myths, and pave the way for your digital love adventure.

The Quest for Facebook Dating

Clearing the Air:

Before we dive into the ‘how,’ let’s address the common misconception – Facebook Dating isn’t a standalone app like Instagram or WhatsApp. It’s an integrated feature within the Facebook app itself. So, if you’re scouring the app store for a separate icon, you won’t find it.

Are You Eligible?

Facebook Dating has certain eligibility criteria. To access it, you need to be at least 18 years old and have the latest version of the Facebook app installed on your mobile device. Age is just a number, but in this case, it’s a number that grants you access to the digital realm of potential connections.

The Enabling Process

Step 1: Update, Update, Update

The importance of keeping your Facebook app up to date cannot be overstated. Head to your app store, search for Facebook, and hit that ‘Update’ button. An outdated app might be the reason your dating dreams are in hibernation.

Step 2: Locate the ‘Dating’ Option

Once your app is updated, open Facebook on your mobile device. Look for the three horizontal lines (the hamburger menu) on the top-right corner for Android or the bottom-right corner for iOS. Scroll down until you find the ‘Dating’ option. Ta-da! You’ve uncovered the digital doorway to potential romance.

Step 3: Set Up Your Dating Profile:

Now that you’ve found the secret passage, it’s time to set up your dating profile. Add a few photos, share your interests, and let your personality shine. The more genuine and detailed your profile, the better the chances of finding meaningful connections.

Tips for a Successful Dating Profile

Be Authentic:

Authenticity is the key to making connections that matter. Be yourself in your profile – share your hobbies, interests, and what makes you, well, you.

Photos Matter:

Choose photos that showcase different aspects of your life. A mix of selfies, group shots, and maybe a candid moment adds depth to your profile.

Icebreakers and Conversations:

Don’t be shy to initiate conversations. If you come across a profile that piques your interest, send a friendly message. Icebreakers can be as simple as asking about shared interests.

The case of Romance

Privacy Matters:

Concerned about privacy? Facebook Dating operates separately from your regular Facebook profile. Your dating activity won’t be broadcasted to your entire friend list, offering a discreet space for romantic explorations.

Shared Connections:

Facebook Dating suggests matches based on shared interests and friends. It’s like attending a digital gathering where you might meet someone through mutual connections.

Bursting the Myths

Standalone App Myth:

As mentioned earlier, Facebook Dating is not a separate app. It’s a feature integrated into the Facebook app, ensuring a seamless experience within the social media giant’s ecosystem.

Privacy Concerns:

Facebook Dating prioritizes privacy. Your dating profile is visible only to those using the dating feature, and your Facebook friends won’t be notified of your dating activity.


And there you have it – the roadmap to adding the Facebook Dating app to your account. Remember, the digital love journey is as much about the process as it is about the destination. Update that app, locate the ‘Dating’ option, and let the potential connections begin. Happy dating!

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